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Breaking Bad Season 4 Info (Spoilers)

One of these men will or may have something happen to them in the forthcoming season of Breaking Bad Source: AMC

UPDATE: Bob Odenkirk has been sniffing out other projects, with Adult Swim ordering a pilot from him. Granted, it will be a small project, but it is still another project nevertheless. Read into it what you will…

There’s no better way to kick-off this blog than with pretty much the best show of all time (keepin’ it objective). Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White in the acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad recently spoke to EW about some Season 4 happenings.

What he reveals isn’t the most earth-shattering of divulgences, however, in Breaking Bad-terms, anything is worth reporting and speculating on.

Interestingly, Cranston states “It is hard to say something without tipping the hat on another and causing a domino effect…” And as all fans of Breaking Bad know, the theme of a “domino effect” is one of the underlying premises in the entire show.

However, he does reveal “…in the first episode of the season, there is a very unexpected turn of events, and one of our characters who has been on the show several times finds a possible demise.”

The fact that he uses the word “possible” could be Cranston acting coy, or it could be a set-up for another storyline such as Hank’s tussle with “the cousins”, which many believed would almost certainly lead to his “demise”, however, it was not to be.

But in terms of characters who would fit this criteria, it would certainly rule out the main characters (they have appeared more than “several” times on the show) in Walter, Skyler, Jesse, Walter Jr., Hank, Marie, Gus, etc. Without wanting to look too much further into the matter for fear of making this spoiler too potent, I’m sure you can do the math as to who is left on the proverbial chopping block.

For those of you who want to watch their TV in the conventional way and not know everything that is going to happen, here are some set photos of Season 4 being filmed, thanks to They don’t really reveal much, but it’s a long time until July.

However… if you really want to know who it could be… read on.

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