Breaking Bad Season 4 Info (Spoilers)

One of these men will or may have something happen to them in the forthcoming season of Breaking Bad Source: AMC

UPDATE: Bob Odenkirk has been sniffing out other projects, with Adult Swim ordering a pilot from him. Granted, it will be a small project, but it is still another project nevertheless. Read into it what you will…

There’s no better way to kick-off this blog than with pretty much the best show of all time (keepin’ it objective). Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White in the acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad recently spoke to EW about some Season 4 happenings.

What he reveals isn’t the most earth-shattering of divulgences, however, in Breaking Bad-terms, anything is worth reporting and speculating on.

Interestingly, Cranston states “It is hard to say something without tipping the hat on another and causing a domino effect…” And as all fans of Breaking Bad know, the theme of a “domino effect” is one of the underlying premises in the entire show.

However, he does reveal “…in the first episode of the season, there is a very unexpected turn of events, and one of our characters who has been on the show several times finds a possible demise.”

The fact that he uses the word “possible” could be Cranston acting coy, or it could be a set-up for another storyline such as Hank’s tussle with “the cousins”, which many believed would almost certainly lead to his “demise”, however, it was not to be.

But in terms of characters who would fit this criteria, it would certainly rule out the main characters (they have appeared more than “several” times on the show) in Walter, Skyler, Jesse, Walter Jr., Hank, Marie, Gus, etc. Without wanting to look too much further into the matter for fear of making this spoiler too potent, I’m sure you can do the math as to who is left on the proverbial chopping block.

For those of you who want to watch their TV in the conventional way and not know everything that is going to happen, here are some set photos of Season 4 being filmed, thanks to They don’t really reveal much, but it’s a long time until July.

However… if you really want to know who it could be… read on.

According to Wikipedia, Mike is classified as a main character, however, I still believe he could qualify as someone who has been on the show “several” times- he has only featured in seven episodes.

There’s also this, which states that Jonathan Banks is to guest star on Modern Family as Jay’s brother. While this is unlikely to turn into a regular role on Modern Family, it could potentially lead to Banks getting a taste of higher profile gigs. Possible, but unlikely.

This leaves Steven Gomez, Hank’s partner, Ted Beneke, Badger, Skinny Pete, Wendy and Jesse’s mother, Mrs. Pinkman.

If you were to make an educated guess, it would be the person who would have the greatest “domino” effect on as many characters as possible.


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  1. Nathalie Dobrzan

    I think it has to be one of the secondary major characters or it’s not gonna have much of an effect. Knowing BB, they’re gonna go for a major effect.
    So those in danger, I’d say, are Mike, Gus, Saul, Skinny Pete & Badger.
    Gus & mike being too obvious and easy way-outs of the mess Walt & Jesse are in at the moment, and Badger is featured in episode 2 (Matt Jones twitted about it), plus Jesse won’t survive Pete or Badger dying, so I fear it may be Saul who bites the dust.
    He did cross Gus over…
    I don’t to see him gone, he is a much needed levity on the show.
    Damn you, S4, get here already!!! 😦

    • That’s some good reasoning there. Saul does seem the most likely now that you put it that way, however, he would leave a huge whole in the show. Something to consider is that maybe Saul could be safe because his back-story hasn’t been explored as much as some of the other characters. Also, it would be interesting to see if he was a wife, kids, etc. (I don’t think they have ever been mentioned on the show…
      I wouldn’t discount Gus so quickly, though. I mean, Breaking Bad does have a habit of knocking-off the “bad guys” fairly quickly; think Tuco, the cousins, etc.
      And you would say that Gus is currently at the top of the hierarchy, so knocking him off the top would certainly shake up the dynamic… who would take over his position? Some interesting possibilities there too…

      • Nathalie Dobrzan

        Gus is definitely the one who needs to go, the obvious one the audience want to see gone and they have a history of quickly dispensing of badguys… BUT those are precisely the reasons why he would stick around a while longer, me thinks.
        They dispense of the villains just when you least expect them to.
        And the uncertainty plays a *major* role on the show, so I hope S4 succeeds in continuing the good work on that…
        But then if it’s done properly and twistily it may actually work. Oh, who knows. Gah!

  2. My guess would be either the sleazy lawyer or Gustav. Each is a significant character in his own right and would shift the direction of the show in a different way.

    My final guess is Gus the druglord.

  3. How about something twisted … like the baby … I mean that would be sad but it would match the twisted mind of Gus. I bet he did order the death of that kid. If anything it most likely is Mike. He’s not in the credits at imdb so he either might be in the beginning scene of the premiere or he could be killed off screen. Saul is a good bet too but the actor is credited through most of the season. The baby can have a major domino effect though. More than any of the likely candidates. It’ll be sad though.

  4. Babies aren’t people, so it can hardly be called a “character.”

  5. You really screwed the pooch on that prediction didn’t you!? Numb nut

    • Assuming you’re addressing my predictions; Yes, I got it very wrong, but in fairness, would anyone call Victor anywhere near a “major” character? And isn’t the speculation, whether it’s way off the mark or otherwise, all part of the fun, in the end? I like to think it’s a testament to the unpredictability and inventiveness of the show that I couldn’t predict who carks it…

      • Nathalie Dobrzan

        I actually think Cranston messed up when he hinted to the murder, and by refering to Victor as a major character (pfft). It made the murder far more predictable (once all 5 players were in the lab) and far less shocking (Who gives a crap about Victor the shadow?).

        I really wish someone had told old wonderful Bryan (I fucking love that man), to keep his mouth shut on this.

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