30 Rock Wrap – Season 6 to be Last?

Source: NBC


With 30 Rock returning to Australian screens this Thursday, February 10 at 11:30pm on Channel Seven, there is no better time to wrap-up the past 4 stellar seasons.

The show could be seen as a vehicle for its two central actors; Tina Fey- arguably Hollywood’s funniest woman- and Alec Baldwin- whose deadpan delivery perfectly complements the beautifully frazzled Fey.

According to Wikipedia, its first 4 seasons have averaged 5.8, 6.4, 7.5 and 5.9 million viewers, respectively. So far, its fifth season has averaged 5.4 million viewers.

However, despite being its lowest rated season to-date, it seems to have regained its spark that was somewhat lacking during the fourth season.

This is despite both of the main characters (Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy) being in successful, stable relationships- usually classic shark-jumping material.

Most importantly, it has been renewed for a sixth season, which many speculate will be Baldwin’s last, due to his none-too-frank revelation in Playboy magazine;

“I’m done in 2012”

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This means that its sixth season in 2011 will most likely be Baldwin’s last.

And, assuming it is, I doubt you would find one 30 Rock fan who would want the show to continue without Baldwin- out of respect to Baldwin and, because the show almost certainly wouldn’t be the same. One may say this is true of any series losing its main star.

However, one could argue that The Office’s Steve Carrell’s exit before the end of its seventh season will not have the same detrimental effect as Baldwin’s potential exit, rather it would jump-start a show caught in somewhat of a rut- an argument which could not be levelled at the still-lively 30 Rock.

Taking Baldwin out of the show would leave Zig without her Zag.

They are so diametrically opposed that trying to replace him would only result in either an poor imitation or a character who is more sympathetic to Liz, which would not produce nearly as many sparks as the current relationship.

Anyway, surely this goes without saying.

Australia picks up 30 Rock from where it left off, from Season 5, Episode 8 entitled College.


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