S#*! My Dad Says in Danger of Cancellation?

Source: Channel Nine

Fans of the William Shatner vehicle, S#*! My Dad Says shouldn’t get too attached to it, with some news sources warning it is in danger of being cancelled.

Its ratings have been good, however, and word of mouth has certainly not been as terrible as it was first made out to be. It has had to weather the ridicule of being based on a Twitter feed, as well as confusion over its title, but has won respect for Shatner’s portrayal of a grumpy dad.

It debuted with 12.48 million, but has since dropped to figures of 10.14, 10.29, 8.74 (its lowest figure to date) and 10.45 million.

These figures even trump popular comedies The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Community.

These figures are not bad, by any stretch, but tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com has noted CBS’ tendency to axe its lowest rated sitcom.

And it is- easily. Mike and Molly is looking pretty safe, with its 10th episode hitting a series high 12.93 million. The past three episodes will have also cemented its chances with sterling figures of 12.39, 12.80 and 12.55.

16 episodes of S#*! have aired in the US so far.

2 episodes have aired in Australia.

As we all know;

Two and a Half Men has been renewed

The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another 3 seasons, meaning there will be at least 7 seasons altogether.

Source: CBS

Mike and Molly is looking good for its second season.

How I Met Your Mother will most likely get a seventh season, with a buzz-generating Countdown episode, and more recently guest-stars including House’s Jennifer Morrison and Katy Perry.

Other shows which are looking good for renewal are NCIS: Los Angeles (with NCIS already renewed), Rules of Engagement, CSI, Criminal Minds and the Mentalist.

Ten would be concerned about Blue Bloods’ performance, with a second season in doubt.

Source: CBS

The Good Wife should get a third season, although it is not a given.

Also, Hawaii Five-0 is performing well, and is an impressive product, but Ten would still be crossing their fingers for a second season.


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