Arnett to be new Office boss? Maybe if Gervais has his way

(minor season 6,7 spoilers)

Ricky Gervais has recently set tongues wagging with an off the cuff remark in one of his blogs. Well, at least it seems to be off the cuff;

“Had a little meeting with NBC about various things and recommended Will Arnett for a regular in The Office. Thoughts? I think he’s amazing.”

As we all know the search is apparently on for the new host of the Office. But, do producers really expect us to believe that a new (or existing) character isn’t being primed to take over as we speak?

But this is precisely what makes Gervais’ remarks all the more interesting, as surely he isn’t bringing a new name into the ring at the eleventh hour. But if he is, could he influence such a huge decision? Well, he and Stephen Merchant did conceive the show, so I’d say yes, unless of course the writers could strongly convince him otherwise. It was them after all who made it the success it is today. So who really knows who carries more clout these days? (My money would be on the writers.)

But surely NBC has had talks with Arnett already.

So is Gervais hinting that the new boss has already been chosen?

Or is Gervais putting his powerful weight behind one of the final few contenders?

Well, either way, many news sources are running with various stories including;

Zap2it: “‘The Office’: Could Will Arnett be the new Steve Carell?”

There’s no question that Arnett would be a decent fit for the Office, as he’s no stranger to big network comedies, with Arrested Development his first main starring role. He has since starred in the scene-stealing Devon Banks role in 30 Rock, also on NBC.

And of course, more recently, Running Wilde, which although cancelled, proved he can headline a show adequately.

Oh, and he’s also the husband of NBC’s Parks and Recreation’s Amy Poehler who plays Leslie Knope; surely a exquisite synergy which wouldn’t be lost on NBC bigwigs.

So, it certainly is possible that Will Arnett is the new boss; or at least will join the cast in some shape or form, as the Office are casting another male and female.

EW reported that producers are looking for a “good-looking, but not WB looking” to join Kevin, Oscar and Angela in the accounting department. He “used to work at a golf course, probably went a community college and is just happy to have a real job in this tough market.”
Sounds like a great fit for Arnett, possibly even moreso than the top job, as arguably
Arnett is better in smaller doses.

However, credit has to be given to producers for keeping it all under wraps. However, we can almost certainly rule out who will replace Carrell.

Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor): She of course is leaving the show along with Carrell, though understandably isn’t receiving as much publicity.

Will Ferrell: He is of course joining the cast for a 4 episode arc, which also got people whipped up into a lather. But any suggestion that he will join for another 22-26 episode season is surely ludicrous, what with his thriving movie career.

Ricky Gervais: It may seem obvious to bring his name up, as he has denied it many a time, yet many still bring it up. There’s not only the fact that he has another TV show yet to be filmed (yet alone written), another Idiot Abroad on the way, a Flanimals movie, the Ricky Gervais show, he will be the voice of Mole in the Wind and the Willows, as well as voicing characters in the Simpsons and Family Guy. Also the fact that he has made a great guest appearance as David Brent. In short, he has been-there, done-that.

Rainn Wilson: Dwight has already been the boss for an episode, in which he inflicted a typically tyrannical rule over the Office; hard to imagine they would go there again.

John Krasinski: Been there done that again… The sixth season was all about shaking up the Office and installing Jim as co-manager. It didn’t work. Everyone grew to dislike a frazzled Jim- something people didn’t like, and weren’t used to doing. A couple more big movie roles and he’s as good as gone too.

B.J. Novak: Already been in a position of authority.

Jenna Fischer: The new female cast member is said to be an assistant to Pam as office administrator, indicating that she will remain in this role.

And then there’s the rest of the cast, of course, and it’s anyone’s guess as to if they go down that road.

And then there’s the wild card, Todd Packer, who has an upcoming episode named after him. He is also over-the-top enough to follow in Carrell’s footsteps. But whether he would be too abrasive week-in week-out would be the question producers will be asking.

UPDATE: Today, Joel Keller from TV Squad seems absolutely convinced the next boss will be Gabe. His reasoning makes perfect sense.
Have a read (spoilers of course)


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