Carrie Returns to 7pm


Carrie Bickmore has returned to the 7pm Project in her first TV appearance since her husband, Greg Lange’s death in December 2010.

Living your life in the public eye can be very difficult at the best of times, so when it comes to such harrowing situations, efforts to go back in front of the cameras should be truly admired.

Rove similarly returned to the small screen in 2006 after the death of his then wife, Belinda Emmet.

In a short piece which ran before the opening titles of the 7pm Project, Carrie spoke to viewers, stating that

It has been “An extremely tough and exhausting time” however, she has reassured viewers by saying: “I really am doing OK”.

Her decision to return after less than 2 months was explained by saying “work’s always been a great outlet (and a place) where (she) can come and have a laugh”.

And that certainly was the case with the leading story of the night being the Lady Gaga’s Grammy appearance in an egg.

She also said she has “really missed” her “other family, Charlie and Hughesy.”

TV WRAP wishes Carrie all the best or the future.


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