Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight S01E02 Recap

The gang at AHIGST notch up another win...

It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?

Tonight we saw Tim Minchin with his “Jesus clock”. Possibly the highlight of his interview was when he grabbed a kid’s phone and feigned reading a text message “”.

He also performed a cover of Crowded House’s “Better Be Home Soon”.

Gaddsbyism of the night: In response to Megan Gale’s Chakra rocks: “That’s really lovely Adam, you can throw them into the garden with the rest of ’em” (Gestures towards garden filled with garden-variety rocks).

Megan “Don’t mention Andy” Gale also made an appearance. She is always quite good talk-show guest material… however, she believes in rocks having powers and that. Judgement free zone here, though.

Hey, I wonder what brand of eyeliner Tim Minchin wears...

There were also some nice little pieces involving Dave O’Neill and taxidermists. Over at Channel Nine, an actress saying she is Beyonce is singing about her “Bootylicious booty”.

If I had one criticism of the show, it was that the boyzillian was a bit too breakfast radio for Hills’ standard. Not that it was low brow, it’s just been done before, and before that- think 40 Year Old Virgin.

Rake was also entertaining. Yes I know that’s not his name.

Best moment: Adam’s stapler story. Simply brilliant. Just ‘Tube it.

Well, it’s time to break out the scores. If last week was an 8/10, this week was a firm 8.5/10.


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