Ben Elton sinks further, but not yet submerged

As expected, ratings have slipped for the second week of Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth.

The facts are, Live from Planet Earth has dropped to 384,000, down from 455,000 last week.

While the situation is bad, and unlike last week, Elton can’t deny that the ratings are dismal.

But strangely, it could be much, much worse when you think about it.

You can’t imagine many new eyes were watching the show, so the fact that more that half of the people stuck around from last week is almost, nearly promising. Almost.

With all that bad press you’d almost be embarrassed to watch it. But, maybe people saw Elton defend his show and had enough faith in him to give him another shot.

But now that everyone has given it another go, Nine will more than likely do the same and grant it a third episode.

But three things are for sure.

One: The fact that it looks extremely polished also works in its favour. For example, it was hard for Seven to have faith in a very green Hamish and Andy back in the day. Elton already has the comedy runs on the board, and his smooth hosting demonstrates this. Not so sure about the comedy though.

Two: Not many people would be granted a second chance like Elton was.

Three: There will be no third chances.

And while I disliked the first two shows, it doesn’t mean I won’t give it a third chance.

I most certainly am not willing it to fail, but to get better. Myself and many others criticise not for the joy of it, but in the hope that Elton will respond and come out with a better product.

Some did see a slight improvement from week 1 to week 2, so hopefully it improves even more in week 3.

Whether or not viewers liked the second week enough to stick around is another matter.


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