The New New Inventors

ABC1 favourite the New Inventors has undergone somewhat of a transformation, to very little fanfare.

But then again, why would it? This season, it has seemingly diminished the role of longtime host James O’Loughlin quite significantly.

In the past he has copped criticism for his overly daggy Dad-jokes during his interplay with the Inventor flaunting their contraption.

He then threw over to three experts at a panel, who commented on the invention and also asked questions.

However, this season, it seems producers have decided to limit his role to merely introducing the experts and the inventors. And of course throwing to the preprepared pieces on inventions past and present.

This also comes with an increased presence and responsibility for the three experts. They now talk to the inventor straight after his or her invention is introduced. They ask him or her to demonstrate the invention.

Basically, they’ve realised that viewers aren’t tuning in for Jimmy’s jokes… it ain’t a comedy show, after all. And even if O’Loughlin wanted it to be- it didn’t cut it as that either.

And I’m all for it; James is a perfectly affable host, but I think that it is a wise, and long overdue move to cut out the fat from a show about “Inventors”, after all. I’d rather the actual experts ask all the questions.

But the Inventors has always been a great little show, but now it’s even better (!)


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