US Shows in Australia


We all know that the networks wouldn’t survive without the myriad US TV shows currently airing on TV. For many years, procedurals such as the CSI series and the Law and Order series have propped up Channels Nine and Ten respectively and filled programming holes after sudden axinsgs. The Desperate Housewives/Greys Anatomy duo has also been a reliable ratings puller for Channel Seven.

However, then there are other shows that come and go, partly because they have been axed in the US, but sometimes because they have been removed from Australian schedules do to insufficient ratings.

Some are also criminally left out of the schedule all together; critically acclaimed shows that aren’t even given a go based on programmers’ presumptions that they are too obscure or quirky to work on Australian TV.

But with this new era of multi-channeling, there are not really many excuses for yanking a show off air, and even less for not giving a show a chance.

Here is a list of recent shows, and if they have or haven’t been picked up by a FTA network in Australia, as well as how many seasons there have been.

Brothers and Sisters – Seven (US 5th season, AU 5th season)
Castle – Seven (US 3rd season, AU 3rd season)
Cougar Town – Seven (US 2nd season – hiatus -, AU 2nd season)
Desperate Housewives – Seven (US 7th season, AU 7th season)
Grey’s Anatomy – Seven (US 7th season, AU 7th season)
Happy Town – CANCELLED
Lost – ENDED
Private Practice (US 4th Season *renewed for a 5th*, AU 4th Season)
Scoundrels – CANCELLED
Secret Life American Teenager – UNAIRED (US 3rd Season  *renewed for a 4th*)
V – GO! (US 2nd Season, AU 2nd Season)
Better With You – Nine (US 1st Season, AU 1st season)
Body Of Proof – (US 1st season *unaired*, AU )
Detroit 1-8-7 – UNAIRED (US 1st season)
Happy Endings – UNAIRED (US 1st season)
Mr. Sunshine – UNAIRED (US 1st season)
My Generation – CANCELLED
No Ordinary Family – Coming to Seven (US 1st season)
Off The Map – UNAIRED (US 1st season)
The Whole Truth – CANCELLED
Pretty Little Liars – GO! (US 1st season *renewed for a 2nd*, AU 1st season)
Make It Or Break It – UNAIRED (US 2nd season)

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