Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth Episode 3 Review: Here we go again, again.

No laughs for the first sketch with Julia Gillard. None.

That’s how this week’s BELFPE kicked off. Here we go again, people.

Some more topical crap. And what else would he joke about- Ricky Nixon. I’m afraid in the age of twitter, most of these jokes had already been said.

“Sales are dropping like Warnie’s trousers”. Another week, another potshot at Elton’s critics. And this week, it’s the newspapers who are obsessed with ratings.

Ooh, a new character; “Toughy Nightly”. Unfortunately, one that wasn’t that funny, and was merely meant to highlight Paul McCarthy’s Julia (now in its second appearance in the same show).

However, it is quite good. In terms of impression at least.

And for someone who doesn’t listen to- or care for- his critics, he has seemingly increased the role of Elaine Front exponentially from week 1.

She almost had more time on screen than the host before the first break. And, unfortunately, her sheen is starting to wear off.

And calling one of the part-Aboriginal actresses a “mongrel” due to her mixed heritage. Hmm, lucky not many people will be watching, Ben.

The two schoolgirls have now appeared in 3 out of 3 episodes. Elton seems sure that they are winners. They ain’t.

And I didn’t even realise that the cook was called NIGELLA (Sauce). I mean, that- I think- lies at the heart of the problem of the show. It’s just all so utterly spelled out for the viewer.

And the confusing thing is for viewers, is that they are not sure whether it’s Ben Elton not being funny enough, or treating the viewers like complete morons.

Elton even joked about the “double entendres” during the Nigella sketch. She referred to her husband liking (chicken) “breast”. And guess what? It could’ve simultaneously meant her breasts! All the while, Nigella flaunted her breasts… In case you didn’t get it.

And I’m sorry, Girl Flat was just the same as the last two weeks. (That means it was awful). So, really, no point discussing it. Awful.

The Elaine-Brynne interview had potential, but didn’t all those jokes surface around the time of the Brownlow over a year and a half ago?

Ah, well. It was bearable.

New characters cropped up: country Australian stereotype, parents who feel like taxi drivers… Next!

Then there was a swipe at the very deserving target of Lisa Mitchell of Australian Idol fame. One that consisted of the three singers asking for “throat” lollies… Repeatedly.

Deary, deary me.

So, after 3 weeks, I have figured out two possible causes of the problem. Has Elton’s style of humour really become this obvious, one-dimensional and juvenile? Or does he think that that’s all that Australian audiences are capable of understanding?

What do you think it is?


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  1. Who was the young stand up comic on last night? JJJ Raw winner or something. Deadpan delivery, and no idea that the mike was covering his face (but that’s live television)
    BUT I though he was bloody funny.
    Any idea if someone has loaded video of his spot? Can’t find any mention of him anywhere

    • Luke Heggie is his name, and yes, he did take out the Triple J Raw comedy award for 2010. There are some clips of him on YouTube (none of his LFPE spot as yet, your best bet is to wait for Nine to upload Episode 3 here). I didn’t think he was too bad either, but I didn’t comment on it because for 3 weeks out of 3, the best part of LFPE have been the guest performers: Arj Barker, Fiona O’Loghlin, Tim Minchin and now Heggie, and I wanted to judge Elton’s show on purely his material… And evidently his material isn’t much chop..

  2. It’s the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Raw Comedy competition, not Triple J’s.

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