Hamish and Andy announce TV show on Nine

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have announced that they have joined Channel Nine and will produce a new show to air later in 2011.

This afternoon on the Hamish and Andy show on the Today Network, Blake and Lee made the announcement, ending weeks of speculation.

On the 25th of February, Hamish Blake tweeted “Two big announcements on this arvo’s show! Three, if you include the “goooooood afternoon” bit. H”, adding further anticipation.

Up until today, it had been unclear as to what type of show they would produce: would it be variety, sketch, chat or more along the lines of their “specials” such as the Caravan of Courage specials.

And certainly today was indeed a “crazy day of announcements” for the pair.

The first announcement was the shaving of Hamish’s mullet.

But, the second, was to do with TV. “Channel Nine have agreed to screen our adventures,” Andy said.

“We’ve scammed them- that’s the good news.”

They have admitted that they don’t know what it is yet, though.

Also, responding to “the amount” in the papers- because “if it’s in the papers it must be true”.

They also said that the $17 million salary was “way off”.

It has been said that they will earn $17 million a year for their show, however, it should be factored in that this will cover production costs too.


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