Showtime Renewal and Cancellation Wrap

Note: As Showtime’s premiere dates differ significantly from normal programming, “Renewal” refers to- in some cases- being granted another season, despite having not premiered yet.

It is also difficult to judge returning shows which haven’t yet had their premieres.

But, as always, this page will update as soon as ratings are released.


Renewed for a SIXTH SEASON, to air in late 2011.


Renewed for a SECOND SEASON, to air in 2012.


Renewed for a FIFTH SEASON, to air in early 2012.


The first season didn’t win a great deal of praise, but was still a nice little show for Showtime, so a SECOND SEASON will air in early 2011.


A thirteen episode SEVENTH SEASON will return on Monday June 27th, with an eighth season likely to finish off the series.

Nurse Jackie

A THIRD SEASON will premiere on March 28th, and if it continues to appear to the same critical acclaim, it will almost certainly get a fourth.

United States of Tara

Still going strong into its THIRD SEASON, with a premiere set for March 28th. You wouldn’t think a show with a dream team of Diablo Cody and Steven Spielberg would be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Big C

Was among Showtime’s best performers in 2010, so a third season commission would be an obvious decision if its SECOND SEASON performs equally or even a touch worse than its first season.

The Borgias

An historical fiction drama, based on the Spanish Borgia dynasty, and starring Jeremy Irons.


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