Renewal and Cancellation Wrap: Fox



Now on a Friday night, ratings have been steady. However, it has sunk a touch in recent weeks, possibly hurting its renewal prospects a little. However, it is only 18 episodes into its THIRD SEASON, leaving it a chance to still prove itself.

American Dad

Check out what I had to say about its renewal here.

The Cleveland Show

In its SECOND SEASON, renewed for a third.

Family Guy

In its NINTH SEASON, and barrelling straight towards a tenth.


In its SECOND SEASON, though reviews haven’t been as consistently good as they were during its first season, it still remains very popular. The real test for Glee will come in the coming third season, when they may begin to phase out current characters, or at least setting up exits.

Hell’s Kitchen

Renewed for a whopping (in TV terms) two seasons, bringing it into its NINTH and TENTH SEASONS. Read more about it here.

Raising Hope

Renewed for a second season, it is currently in its FIRST SEASON.

The Simpsons

Now in its TWENTY-SECOND SEASON, it will be barging head-on into its twenty third. Will it ever, ever stop?

American Idol

Winning a great deal of praise for its casting of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez to replace Simon Cowell. If it was renewed, it would certainly be a great victory for Fox, with them having done the impossible by surving without Cowell.

Now in its TENTH SEASON.


Now in its SIXTH SEASON, the show is about to spawn a spin-off series… a telling mark of a successful series.

Bob’s Burgers

Ratings have been slipping, but it would be a handy little show for FOX to hold on to.

Kitchen Nightmares

The Chicago Code

Still early days for this drama, which has received mostly favourable reviews. However, ratings would need to show a bit of improvement. Otherwise, it could be easily replaced.

UPDATE 3/9: Also described by Zap2It as a “toss-up” for renewal.


In ratings terms, it should receive an eighth season. But, now that it is in its SEVENTH SEASON, there are a couple of news stories circulating that leave it teetering between cancellation and renewal. Certainly it is in nowhere near the “Danger” zone, as Hugh Laurie is signed for the eighth season, yet the rest of the cast aren’t.

Lisa Edelstein told TV Line: “Nobody at work seems to think [that the show] won’t [return]. Everybody wants to come to a deal, and I certainly am looking forward to a season eight.” Hardly a definitive answer, and I’m sure she wants the show to return, but when it comes to TV networks, they don’t really care what people “want” all that much.

Traffic Light

Up until its fourth episode of its FIRST SEASON, it had just been chugging along, not particularly strongly. However, it has recently hit a series high of 7.40 million, which bodes very well for renewal. However, upcoming episodes of similar figures would bump it into the “Looking Good” category.

Human Target

The show has never received rave reviews, and ratings don’t really justify another season. Most think that chances aren’t good for it to progress past a SECOND SEASON.

Lie to Me

Its average THIRD SEASON ratings have been lower than its two previous seasons. It needs to tread very carefully indeed.

The Good Guys

Lone Star

Running Wilde

But is its star, Will Arnett destined for bigger, more successful things? Namely, the US version of The Office?

Breaking In

Can Christian Slater finally get a hit show? Michael Rosenbaum (aka Lex Luthor from Smallville) joining full-time should add interest. Alyssa Milano will also guest-star.


As you can see here, Fox has greenlit Alcatraz for 12 episodes.


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