Shows on US TV: NBC

30 Rock

Renewed for a SIXTH and possibly final season. Especially since Baldwin is almost certain to leave at the end of the sixth season. Can the show continue past a sixth season? Find out more….


UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for a THIRD SEASON.

Some very promising developments have occured over the past week. Take a look.

Parks and Recreation

UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for a FOURTH SEASON.

Winning great acclaim at the moment, but it could easily slip into the “50/50” catergory. But it is among the three best performing comedies on NBC, so a fourth season should be commissioned soon.

The Office

UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for an EIGHTH SEASON.

Even though it has copped a lot of flak lately and over its past two seasons, for being- well- not really that funny, interest is sure to spike around the time of Steve Carrell’s exit- for good reasons and bad ones. It is also obvious that writers are prepping for an eighth season.

However, the real test will be, as we all know- when the show traverses fairly unknown territory without the its main star.

But even if it does take a significant dive quality-wise, it will still remain NBC’s highest rating comedy, so don’t expect cancellation for at least another two seasons.

Harry’s Law

Rating very well- look out for a second season renewal.

Law and Order: SVU

Almost certainly will be renewed for a thirteenth season. Currently in its TWELFTH SEASON.

Minute to Win It


The show lives constantly teetering between cancellation and renewal. Really, it is anyone’s guess as to what NBC will decide. It will likely come down to how many other renewals of current shows NBC hands out.

UPDATE 9/3 rates it as “Could go either way”. They also state that NBC has confirmed this.


Ratings have taken a big tumble from its first season. Fans should be worried about its prospects for a third season. It is also coming second and third in its timeslot. Double uh-oh.

The Marriage Ref

Received middling reviews for its first season, and its SECOND SEASON will have to be pretty special to guarantee it a third. Some might say it has only been commissioned and kept up by NBC because of one thing: Seinfeld. But I wouldn’t, of course.

The Cape

Ratings bad. Show bad. Not good.

The Event

Law and Order: Los Angeles

Perfect Couples

Ratings have been dangerous, certainly.


UPDATE: NOT renewed along with Parks and Recreation, The Office and Community. Its fan should be worried.

[Was “50/50”] Ratings are pretty mediocre, but a renewal wouldn’t be a shock. However, it wouldn’t be cheered by many people.


Effectively cancelled after only 13 episodes.

Friday Night Lights

This acclaimed drama is currently in the midst of its final season.


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