TV, Radio and Podcasts Index: Radio

Here’s a guide as to all of your favourite radio stars and their online presence:


Hamish and Andy

Official Show Account – Operated by Hamish and Andy themselves; tweets followed by either a H or an A to denote who wrote them.

Giggling Ben – Aka Ben Wasley, button-pusher.

Cackling Jack – Aka Jack Post, button-pusher.

Jez Carne – Known as the “web guy”, and was first heard on the show during their Australian Caravan of Courage trip.

Fifi and Jules

Official Show Account

Fifi Box

Jules Lund – Unverified and inactive, but very possibly his account when you see it…

Blake Phillips – The “web guy”

Hot 30 Countdown

Official Show Account

Matty Acton

Justin Hill – Producer

Fox FM (Melbourne)

Matt and Jo Show

Official Show Account

Matt Tilley – Has been inactive since July 22nd, 2009. This account was used as a show promotion, with the challenge being for Matt to pen 100 tweets in one day. Hence a tweet count of only 100 tweets.

Jo Stanley – No known account.

(“The Fabulous”) Adam Richard

Daytime Hosts

Tim Lee



2DAY FM (Sydney)

The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Official show account

Daytime Hosts

Dan Cassin

Ellie Mobbs

B105 (Brisbane)

Labby, Camilla and Stav

Official Show Account

Jason “Labby” Hawkins

92.9 (Perth)

Lisa, Baz and Sam

Official Show Account

Sam Mac

SAFM (Adelaide)

Craig Annis

Hayley Pearson

Barry Radio (Digital Station)

Official Account

The Peanut Gallery

Official Show Account (Operated by Jeff Wortman and Paul Hogan)

The Little Dum Dum Club

Official Show Account

Tommy Dassalo

Karl Chandler

Ear Candy

Troy Kinne

Monty Franklin

Tom Siegert

The Sweetest Plum

Official Show Account

Declan Fay

Nick Maxwell

‘Triple M Network

Triple M (Melbourne)

The Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire

Official Show Account

Eddie McGuire

Mieke Buchan

Luke Darcy

Mick Molloy – (NOTE: There is a fake account purporting to be Mick, however this tweet from the Grill Team firmly states that it is not… Mick). He is not currently operating a Twitter account.

Rush Hour

Official Show Account

James Brayshaw

Billy Brownless

Triple M Footy

Official Account

Garry Lyon

James Brayshaw

Luke Darcy

Rex Hunt

Damian Barrett

Jason Dunstall

Danny Frawley

Billy Brownless

Stephen Quartermain

Hamish MacLachlan

Dr Peter Larkins

Michael Roberts

Ash Chua

Michael Christian

Barry Denner

Nathan Brown

Mark Ricciuto

Mark Stevens

Triple M (Sydney)

The Grill Team

Official Show Account

Gus Worland

Mark “MG” Geyer

Mick Molloy


Dan Ginnane

Rachel Corbett

The Sweetest Plum

Official Show Account

Declan Fay

Nick Maxwell

Triple M (Brisbane)

The Cage

Official Show Account

Ian Skippen


Greg “Marto” Martin

Greg “Sully” Sullivan

Dead Set Legends

Paul “Fatty” Vautin

Benny Ikin

Triple M (Adelaide)

The Hot Breakfast

Official Show Account

Ali Carle

Dale Lewis

Warren Tredrea

Rush Hour

Chris Dittmar

Mark Ricciuto

Dead Set Legends

Ken “KG” Cunningham

Andrew Jarman


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