Renewal an Cancellation Wrap: March 25th


Futurama has been renewed for a SEVENTH SEASON by Comedy Central (according to Deadline). It certainly has come a long way after being cancelled by Fox way back in 2003 after its fourth season. It’s got a long way to catch up to its over-achieving older sibling (which, in case you don’t know, it is the Simpsons, which has a twenty-third season still to come).

However, future episodes will come in a rather staggered fashion, with 13 eps of season six still to come later this year, 13 eps of season seven to come in 2012 and the second half of thirteen episodes to come in 2013.


This moderately critically acclaimed drama Lights Out struggled somewhat in the ratings, so has been axed by FX after only its FIRST SEASON. It didn’t receive the same level of fanatic adoration as FX’s last cancelled show, Terriers, and this cancellation isn’t likely to incite any riots in the streets. I guess the notion of a show centered around a boxer wasn’t exciting or different enough for most people.


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