Hamish and Andy’s “Gap Year” in NY: Their TV Show Plans Revealed

UPDATE: Turns out the show will be called “Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year”

Today Hamish & Andy held one of their “family meetings”, famous for containing their big announcements. These have included announcing their Caravan of Courage stunts (among other harebrained ideas) and more recently, confirmation of their deal with Channel Nine.

Today, they announced their intentions for their TV show.

They will “set up shop” in New York, where they will film their adventures.

Andy describes it as a Caravan of Courage trip but “longer”.

But don’t worry, fans of the radio show, they will continue their weekly radio show.

First they spoke of having a “6 day weekend”, and all of their extra time.

They have decided to fill this spare time, they will be moving to New York for a couple of months to have a “Gap Year”.

This will take place in the second half of the year.

Their TV show will be based around their adventures living in New York.

The title still remains a mystery, and will Nine air it as a series of specials (“Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year”, “Hamish and Andy Take New York”, that sort of thing) or simply call it “Hamish and Andy”… like their cancelled Seven show?

Who knows, but it sounds like a great idea to me, with their travel specials such as the Caravan of Courage specials (in which they visited America), usually drawing the best ratings for them.

They are also at their best doing stunts, meeting people, etc. rather than reading off an auto-cue, cooped up back in a studio in Melbourne.

They have also spent a week in LA, where they participated in the Rove LA specials, where they broadcasted their radio show.

But it will certainly bring more attention to their show, at least in the beginning. It will also provide easier access to celebrities, which will draw even more publicity.

But if I were Channel Nine, I’d start to get worried about them spending so much time in America… it’s only a matter of time before they hit the big time, isn’t it?


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