Josh Lawson’s House of Lies picked up by Showtime

Australian actor Josh Lawson has had his new show, House of Lies, picked up by Showtime.

The show also stars A-listers Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, as well as Ben Schwartz.

There isn’t much information about the show, but it has been described as a dark comedy which centres around Cheadle, who plays a consultant who will stop at nothing to get his clients information. Lawson plays on of his staff.

Regardless, it is great news for Lawson, who made his name in Australia in Home and Away and Blue Heelers. He went on to star in Sea Patrol, but showed his comedy chops on Thank God You’re Here, where he became somewhat of a favourite (and hence, a regular).

He also took part in a bit of radio work, hosting a summer radio show on Nova with his good friend, Ed Kavalee.

After he flew to America to try his luck, he played the part of Ben in the pilot of the US version of Spaced, however, nothing eventuated. He then landed a role in a CBS sitcom, Accidentally on Purpose, also starring Alyssa Milano, his biggest role to date.

Unfortunately, only six episodes were filmed, and only four aired- it was cancelled, basically.

However, this latest role looks to be of a more formidable nature, especially when looking at the big-name cast and meatier subject matter.


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