FAQs Answered #1: Breaking Bad, Em Rusciano, Community, Bondi Rescue

Monday 11th April

Here are some quick answers to some regular search queries on this site

COMMUNITY has been renewed for a THIRD SEASON – It will premiere around September 2011.

LIGHTS OUT has been CANCELLED by FX, however there is a slim chance that it could get picked up by another network. A very slim chance.

Veronica Milsom was one of the original cast members of Hungry Beast, and is currently starring in its THIRD SEASON, screening on ABC1 at 9:30pm on Wednesdays.
She also featured briefly on the ill-fated Ben Elton Life From Planet Earth, where she played the roles of a Nigella Lawson-type chef, Lady Gaga (a role she also played on Hungry Beast)

Bondi Rescue hasn’t been officially renewed for 2012, but it’s fairly safe to say that it will be coming back, given it’s one of the mainstays of Ten’s schedule.

In terms of Season 4 spoilers for Breaking Bad, check out this post. However, it terms of solid facts, we know for sure that Bryan Cranston has said that one minor-ish character will die very on in the season. And we know that Bob Odenkirk and Jonathon Banks have been linked to other projects.

Emelia Rusciano

Rose to fame in the 2nd year of Australian Idol in 2004.
Has gone on to host various radio shows on the Austereo network, including “Em and Wippa”.
She has since quit radio and now works on Kerri-Anne and the 7pm Project, where she is a regular “Metro Whipper” as part of the Metro Whip-Around segment.
She often appears in the presence of scantily-clad men- some have suggested it is not a coincidence.
However, she is quite funny, and deserves a bigger role- I’d like to see her fill-in on the Circle (not a euphemism).


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