FAQs Answered #2 12/04: Modern Family new eps, S#*! My Dad Says Cancelled?

“farmer wants a wife 2012”

There will be another series of The Farmer Wants a Wife, as evidenced by Nine’s casting call for season 7 here. As to whether it airs in the later half of 2011 or not, there is a strong chance.

“craig annis safm”

Craig Annis is a Melbourne comedian who has recently joined the SAFM breakfast team (on the Austereo Network). This represents a real success for Craig, who has been producing comedy podcasts with his friend Stefan. Have a listen to them here. They weren’t quite as funny as Hamish and Andy, but for a first effort they were really promising, and they at least demonstrated a willingness to work hard for a laugh (eg. there are some written pieces). Their TV show, Slightly Live also aired on the Melbourne community TV station, Channel 31. Here are the highlights off their site. Check them out! [Especially the “Hughesy Ruined my Life” sketch… Craig’s impression is absolutely spot on. He actually sounds more like Dave Hughes than Dave Hughes himself these days.] They also broadcasted on the Barry digital radio station (Austereo Network), which obviously led to Craig being picked up by SAFM. He know joins Rabbit and Hayley on their show… Hayley, Craig & Rabbit, on air 6-9am weekdays.

“why is modern family off air”

There is no need to panic when it comes to not seeing new episodes of your favourite show. Popular shows such Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Recreation have been on a long hiatus, with the exception of some new episodes being sporadically shown. It is just the yearly spring sweeps, a technique used to prolong seasons of different shows, until they finish up (only to reboot in September again- well, at least the lucky ones do). It has been a long wait for a new episode, with the new episode of Community, The Office and Community airing on the 24th of March 2011. Fans of Modern Family have had to wait since the 23rd of March 2011. However, new episodes are coming, and viewers will not have to wait long at all, with the next new ModFam ep coming on the 13th of April, and the NBC comedy line-up returns with new eps the day after on the 14th of April. Thankfully, they will all continue a fairly uninterrupted run until the end of their respective seasons. However, the bad news is that there are not many episodes left in the tank (around 4-7 eps of each left).

New eps of Modern Family would be expected to air in Australia soon after they do in the US.

“is s#*! my dad says being cancelled”

That bloody show with the annoying title is one of the more intriguing cases in the Renew/Cancel files… It’s anyone’s guess at this stage. I think it will be renewed, purely out of respect for William Shatner, however, it is definitely the weakest, comedy and ratings wise, out of the new CBS sitcoms (including Mike & Molly)

Here’s the wrap up and the low down of what everyone else thinks;

TVLine says it’s “A safe bet”

TV By the Numbers gives it a “Likely To Be Canceled” (basically a 2/5 chance), and has calculated that it has a Renew/Cancel Index of 0.96 (lower than Mike & Molly, The Mentalist, etc.)

SpoilerTV gives it a 2.47 on the Renew/Cancel Index (In the “Looking Safe” zone).

TVGuide says it’s “Looking Not So Good”

So that’s pretty much a 50:50 spread. However, two of them mention the word “safe” while only one mentions the word “canceled”…


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  1. I have to say that even with all the negative things about this show because of the name it has always been a great show. William shatner is great, the ratings have always been good and they cancel it!? CBS SUCKS!Why cancel a show with good ratings? ITS WAY BETTER THAN THAT CRAP MIKE AND MOLLY!? I HATE THAT SHOW, although it has better ratings. Who wants to watch a show about fat people? lol guess alot do. I still prefer S@#$! my dad says and I still think CBS is a bullshit network that eventually ruin all good shows and keep crap like survivor which sucks too.

  2. “That bloody show with the annoying title is one of the more intriguing cases in the Renew/Cancel files… It’s anyone’s guess at this stage. I think it will be renewed, purely out of respect for William Shatner, however, it is definitely the weakest, comedy and ratings wise, out of the new CBS sitcoms (including Mike & Molly)”
    ANDREW your a retarded idiot! you have no buisness posting anything. Just because you have a problem with the title? The show is way better than Mike and Molly which really does suck!

    • Haha mate I had no animosity towards the show itself, I in fact didnt think it was a terrible show, with it’s biggest strength being Shatner. When I refer to its name I am trying (poorly) to use humour convey one of the things which ultimately worked against it; many times when I saw it first reviewed people couldn’t get over the somewhat convoluted and “rude” title, and I know that it may have given some people- who were unaware of its origins as a Twitter account- the false idea that it was a smutty/inappropriate show.
      And as for its cancellation, I feel your pain- its easy to become attached to a show after only one season. But if you’re looking for a reason as to why they cancelled it, the general opinion seems to be that CBS is such a strong performer that it likes to cut out the lowest rating comedy of the season in order to hopefully become even stronger next year. I can’t say I agree with the principle, but I can tell you that if the show was on an other network but CBS it would still be here, because-as you said- its ratings were good.
      You also have to feel for William Shatner, he’s in the twilight of his life and it was great to see him enjoying himself and performing so well still, so it’s a huge slap in the face for him.
      And yes, it was better than M&M, but people will go for cloying sentimentality and constant fat jokes over great acting- at least it seems that way.

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