FAQs Answered #3: Mike & Molly, Packed to the Rafters, Idol

being erica season 4

Season 4 will be Being Erica’s last.

Hamish and andy america tv show 2011

hamish and andy new york

Hamish and Andy will produce a show entitled Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year, to air later in 2011. It will be based in New York.

australian idol 2012

An interesting one, but its dismal ratings in 2009 wouldn’t make Ten consider reviving it in 2012. At this stage, even Big Brother looks more likely to be resurrected, with a lot of interest being generated by a recent ACA Big Brother reunion.

Especially as long as Ten has Masterchef (and will have for another two years after this one) and the Biggest Loser, there is certainly no need for it. They will be also hoping the Renovators will be a successful replacement for So You Think You Can Dance.

In terms of other channels picking it up, Seven already have their hands full with The X Factor, and Nine just don’t do big live shows, and when they do, you get Torvill and Dean’s Dancing on Ice.

fx tv renewal

This year FX has renewed many of their popular series, including Archer (for a 3rd season), The League (3rd season) and Justified (3rd season).

mike and molly not renewed

Not renewed just yet, yet the general consensus is that it will be picked up for a 2nd Season by CBS. Good ratings combined with average-good press have only helped its cause.

blue bloods renewed?

Signs are looking very good for the CBS show.

Will another station pick up the show “lights out?”

Possibly, but very unlikely. No news so far… Which is bad news. There is also the fact that its former show-runner has left to helm Law and Order: SVU.

sammy rafter packed to the rafters coming back

There are no plans for her to return, yet I’m sure the show would love to have her back, what with Jessica Marais leaving and all.

lights out australia

Yes! On Ten’s soon to be relaunched ONE HD (around May). Unfortunately it has been cancelled after one season, so don’t get too attached.


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