Renewal and Cancellation Wrap

Aaaand now for a quick wrap-up of this week’s Renewals, and they all have two things in common (I’m betting that they have more); they’re all on Fox and they’re all popular shows, so you could say that it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that;

House has been renewed for an EIGHTH SEASON, which is simply great news. Yes, it may have gone off the boil in the past two or three seasons (as well as dabbling in all manner of shark-jump police-worthy violations, such as dream sequences, the original team split up, “Huddy” finally happening, etc.), and has never quite recovered its original magic. But it can’t be denied that Hugh Laurie is one of the most talented and engaging actors on the small screen at the moment, and his eponymous character plays arguably one of the greatest of all time.

Also, the show continues to defy formula, something which endeared the show to viewers. And let’s face it, the show deserves a decent, well thought-out ending. Whether this ending occurs in the eighth season remains to be seen, however, ratings are still fairly strong, which could well guarantee another season or two.

Family Guy will get a TENTH SEASON, which is really quite astonishing given the fact that Fox cancelled it some time ago. The show could well go the way of the Simpsons too, given its popularity among the younger demographic.

The Cleveland Show will also get a FOURTH SEASON, which was to be expected, given its strong ratings. This rounds out the mighty triumvirate of Seth MacFarlane animated comedies that have been renewed, with American Dad having been renewed earlier.

Australian Perspective: This is great news for Ten with House, which continues to, well, fill a hole in its schedule. It isn’t the ratings powerhouse it once was but Ten still need it. Ten’s multichannel Eleven will also be nicely stocked with fresh new eps of ‘Cleveland’, Bob’s Burgers (previously renewed), Futurama and The Simpsons.

Family Guy’s renewal is also good news for Seven and its multichannel, 7Mate.


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