TV News Wrap: Tuesday May 24

  • Larry David’s back for Season Eight of Curb Your Enthusiasm and this time it’s set it New York. It will guest star Ricky Gervais, Michael J Fox and Rosie O’Donnell, among others. This recently released trailer looks fantastic.
  • The TV Addict has assembled the fall schedule for 2011-2012, and it looks to be a tough a battle as ever- though I’m sure people say that every year. More in-depth look at the new programs to come.
  • Dominic Fumusa, who plays the husband of Nurse Jackie, Kevin in the popular Showtime show, has divulged some details to TV Fanatic as to the rest of Season 3 (8 of 12 episodes have aired thus far, leaving only four to go- in Australia, episode 8 is to air today on Eleven). Most notably, he signals that there is some “big stuff” that happens… have a read:

“I think Linda and Liz want to make sure there are consequences to Jackie’s behavior and I will say that by the end of Season 3, some big stuff happens. It’s not exactly what you would predict, but that’s what’s great. They’re always staying one step ahead of the audience. As time goes on, my character will become very dark. Kevin started out as someone who seemed almost too good to be true. Obviously, he was not aware of his wife’s infidelity or drug use, and he becomes more suspicious and his behavior changes. He becomes more aggressive and takes things into his own hands. From the family side, it’s going to get very painful. The OCD is a wonderful way of showing that kids are affected by their parents’ behavior. All of that gets richer. It’s already painful, and it will only get more so.”


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