#AngryBoys on Twitter: What does everybody else think?

I started to worry that I was among the minority that were criticising Angry Boys for not being funny… at all.

I mean, not worried in the sense that “Oh, no-one’s going to like me because I don’t like the same thing they do…” I mean “worried” in the sense that I was missing some crucial element in the show that made it screamingly hilarious. However, after turning to Twitter, it turns out I’m not. Tonight’s reaction has been, well, overwhelmingly negative… or perhaps even worse: indifferent. As in, normally with Lilley, if people don’t like his show, it is usually because of the swearing/general offensiveness, which generates more publicity and drives people to watch the show. However, if people simply don’t care about the show, well, that’s where problems can start.

And I’m sad in a way, because most people were really looking forward to having great belly laughs at Angry Boys (and it seems that it can’t raise more than a chuckle out of most; in another way, I’m also glad that people are willing to be honest if they didn’t like they show, rather that forcing themselves to laugh just because it’s Chris Lilley.

Take a look at a cross-section of tweets:

And for fairness’ sake, I have tried my best to find some positive tweets, and in particular those that mention something in particular that they like about the show. This was the type of thing that I found:

So at least some people are liking it, which is a good thing. There weren’t, however, people saying how much they laughed at one of “Gran’s Gotchas”, for example. If you can’t pinpoint at least one thing that is funny, then maybe the show isn’t really that funny at all.

However, if I was to sum up the attitude towards the show of everyone else, it would be “disappointed”. Many people have also been bemoaning the lack of Gran in this week’s episode; she has been somewhat of a highlight the past two weeks.


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