TV News Wrap: Wednesday June 15

  • Showtime’s new drama House of Lies is shaping up to be a pretty interesting little show, especially when you consider it stars Australia’s Josh Lawson (Thank God You’re Here). I also hope, for Ben Schwartz’s (Parks and Recreation) sake, that he is able to shed his “Jean-Ralphio” tag. Unfortunately, the Hollywood Reporter had misspelt Josh Lawson’s name in this edit- so it’s fair to say he’s not quite a household name yet?

We all make mistakes...

  • It’s the TV off-season in the US, so you have to take what you can get here, but Michael Ausiello at TVLine reports that Breaking In will probably not get a reprieve after being axed a short time ago.
  • He also reports that Catherine Tate will probably not be the new boss on “The Office”. This is very disappointing for some who were holding out hope for Tate to shake things up a bit, but I’d wait just a bit longer before you start jumping to any conclusions about the new boss (let’s face it, if it’s not her, it would only be between James Spader, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson).
  • So, Fran Drescher (The Nanny) has a new show on TVLand entitled “Happily Divorced”, which you could almost brush off as another “New Christine” if it wasn’t for the semi-interesting fact that it’s based on her life in that she and her husband split because he was gay. Hey, if it worked for “Raymond”, right?
In Australian news
  • You’ve got to admit that that the (non-?) story about comedian James Brechney popping up on Q and A posing as a climate change-skeptic was a doozy, for a number of reasons. I should state that while I would like to admit to picking him as a fake, I didn’t; and let that be a credit to his comedic/acting skills. But at least I didn’t jump up and down frothing at the mouth like half of Twitter did on Monday night- especially after he stated that climate change was “just a theory” like gravity. The small problem with his prank/political protest was that it wasn’t really that far from what a sceptic would normally say, which caused the panel members to take him all too seriously. Garrett must be red-faced now, as now he appears to be pandering to the questioner- so probably the biggest indictment is on the ABC program. But kudos should go to Brechney for trying to prove a point- he has definitely come out on top. Here’s the clip:

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