News: Breaking Bad S4 “gets darker and deeper”, No Minisodes: Cranston

Bryan Cranston gave an exclusive interview with Collider which should be a must-read for any Breaking Bad fan. I maintain that there is no-one better at summing up the mood and plot direction of a show that the actual actors themselves. Here is what he has to say about the overall arc of the show;

The first season was all about the decision.  Here is where you were introduced to this man, this man’s life, this man’s plight, his limited decision, and he makes this decision.  The second season was “Oh, so this plan isn’t so simple?  There is a ripple affect and the ramifications from this decision. Aha!”  The third season was that there was no more fooling yourself.  That you have to embrace the fact that you have some criminal intentions and you better wise up and get a little street cred going or you are going to lose your life.  For a bright man he was naïve in many different ways.  So he had to embrace how to be a criminal, you know?  “Being a Criminal for Dummies” – he read that book.  Season 4 now opens it up.  It had to be and it is justifiable.  It starts out in season 1 with this single man with this dilemma.  Here is the condition and then it’s like a spring. All of a sudden now it’s a twig, now you have a bush, and now it is a tree.  The breadth of the story had to expand to introduce toes that he is stepping on like the cartel and all of these new characters.  The involvement gets more complicated.  It has to grow.  So now there are new shoots from this one tree that are all around.  As promised, this man’s life is getting more and more complicated and not simplified.  So his simple plan is anything but.  It just gets darker and deeper.  You used to say that he was on his way to this new persona, but he is here.  It’s just the fact that he needs to truly embrace who he is and what he is capable of in order to survive.

He also addresses the buzz surrounding “minisodes” that would be released to bridge the large gap between seasons three and four. Thankfully, Cranston admits that they were just rumours and nothing eventuated. There’s nothing I personally hate more than minisodes, webisodes, and even deleted scenes being released – I get that they are often used to bulk up the DVD extras in an age when less and less people are buying DVDs, or are used to maintain interest in a show, or even attract more people, but for TV purists, they add too much grey area in terms of plot, etc. (if a character says something in a deleted scene, did that actually “happen” in the fabricated world of a particular show?) And minisodes are often unsubstantial, and it would pain me to see anything Breaking Bad that was of little substance.

Anyway, check out the interview here, or you can even listen to it here, if you want to hear Cranston’s voice again.


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