Analysis: Some Breaking Bad S4 Questions

Breaking Bad is in that rare position that most shows never find themselves in.

It has built itself up for three multi-layered, multi-faceted seasons. All episodes are plot-heavy, character-driven masterpieces in their own way.

And arguably, each season gets better than the last…

… But if you disagree with that- which is fine- it’s hard to disagree with the fact that each season gets bigger and more explosive than the last.

And after watching this video featuring cast interviews promising a “bigger” and “darker” season, it is clear that this season promises to up the ante again.

However, it got me thinking- and this is more a philosophical question that a questioning of the show itself – will you be disappointed if the fourth season is not as good, if not better than the last, and the one before it?

That seems to be the unenviable situation the show is in; it has established a brilliant product, and if the show is only half as good as it was previously, there may be disappointment.

For evidence, I point you to the first three or four episodes of season three. For Breaking Bad standards, there was very little in the way of high-stakes tension. The lack of action and overt danger could well be symbolised by the presence of the non-talking cousins.

While it was clear that there something bubbling under the surface, many remarked about the increasingly domestic nature of the show, what with Walter being cooped up either in his apartment or his house.

The season more than compensated for the lack of action in the second half of the season, it made most people realise that it was all masterfully orchestrated, with every episode being vital to Walter and Jesse’s journey.

And here’s another one: The end-date has been flagged, in a way, by series creator Vince Gilligan as Season 5. This only leaves one more season after this one airs.

So here’s the question; Would you be disappointed if the series ends after only five seasons- yes, it’s great to end on a high, but is it too good a show to stop?

Yes, you might risk a “good” season six, but a “good” season of Breaking Bad would be still better than most other things on TV.

So, in other Breaking Bad words, would you prefer a diluted product than no product at all? Or do you prefer a pure, full-bodied hit of Breaking Bad.



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