News: Manu Feildel Wins Dancing With the Stars 2011!

Manu has continued not only his stellar run on Dancing With the Stars, but also his run on Channel Seven by winning Dancing With The Stars, in what has to be one of the more popular wins.

He beat Hayley Bracken to the title, after Damien Leith was eliminated earlier in the night.

Manu’s newfound popularity was only illustrated further by the first promo for his show “Dinner Date” premiering.


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  1. What a rip another cross program promotion Hayley and Damo had it in spades over the overweight (he never got any comments like Sam did did he) and very shabby Manu. The Judges may as well just fess up that they get the nod from the 7 publicists they aren’t even convincing anymore and I wish someone would tell the hosts that just not saying the name for so long doesn’t build suspense it just makes them look ordinary!

    • Yes, I do get that whole “cross promotion” thing… by my count out of 11 series of Dancing With The Stars, there have now been seven winners who have all been affiliated with Seven in some way. It doesn’t help that the whole combination of viewer votes and judges scores seems a bit shady- how exactly does it work, anyway?
      However, to be fair to Seven, Manu has been somewhat of a breakout success, and you could argue that he was more popular with the female demographic at least.
      But, as you said, Hayley and Damien were head and shoulders above Manu in terms of dancing ability- but you just can’t compete with the flirting of Manu with well, two of the judges in particular (I think you know who/what I mean)… maybe he wasn’t doing it on purpose, but the judges were certainly playing up to the whole thing.
      And the whole “suspense” thing is just beyond a joke now- I think in this series they have shaved a few milliseconds of the pause- but it’s clear we are still reading out of the American reality show handbook after all these years.

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