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News: PM to appear on Q and A again

In what is sure to be one of the biggest fights of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s short period in the top job, she will appear on Q and A to try to sell her party’s Carbon Tax to the people.

This is already the second time this year she has appeared on the popular ABC program- the first being on March 14. She also appeared last year as a part of her election campaign.

But this will arguably be the most compelling of all- her popularity is at an all-time low, and she is copping a hammering in the media.

However, Gillard has always performed well on Q and A, in terms of the way she comes across, at least (leaving aside policies for a minute) and her last two appearances have at least managed to make her seem more human.

Her only downfall is her propensity to nervously giggle at difficult questions- a disarming technique which at first seems charming, but soon becomes irritating and all-too contrived.

In fairness to her, however, she doesn’t tend to shirk questions, and always gives an answer, however weak you may perceive it to be.

Watch for these questions, though, and if she decides to (or has been instructed to) deal with them differently;

-The “backflip”/the “lie” over the carbon tax (her pre-election promise).

-What effect will pricing carbon in Australia have when the world’s biggest emitters are not adopting a similar strategy.

Regardless, it will be a ratings bonanza for the ABC once again.

The press release says:

“The ABC is pleased to announce that Prime Minister Julia Gillard will join Tony Jones in a special episode of Q&A, live to air on Monday, 11 July at 9.35pm on ABC1, the day after announcing her carbon tax pricing policy.

Can she deliver the most significant economic reform for a generation? What are the details and how will they affect you?”


News: Spicks and Specks Finale Recording Tonight

After 7 seasons of Spicks and Specks, the final episode will be recorded tonight.

Here is what the official Spicks and Specks Twitter account says today about the episode:

Myf Warhurst has also been tweeting about the finale, take a look at what she had to say:

And lastly, Adam Hills has also expressed mixed feelings about the final show:

But there’s still a fair few episodes to go before Australia sees that last episode; tonight’s episode of Spicks and Specks will star Chrissy Amphlett, Henry Wagons, Celia Pacquola and Denise Scott. It was also feature music by Bob Culbertson.

AU News: Misfits S2, Friday Night Lights S1, Miranda Coming to ABC2

A day after the Green Guide sung the praises of the “multichannels”, the ABC2 have made a slew of announcements letting people know why these channels have enjoyed a surge in popularity.

Over the next few months, people will be able to see some acclaimed dramas and comedies on ABC2. Some of them have aired before on different networks, but some are airing right from the beginning, allowing people to discover some real gems.

On Friday July 18 at 8:00pm, the second series of BBC comedy Miranda will premiere. Though it has received a somewhat mixed response, it is worth a look. The second series consists of six episodes.

From Friday July 29 at 8:30pm you will be able to catch Friday Night Lights right from the beginning. It has previously aired on Channel Ten in very late timeslots, so it is good to see it get a primetime run. It has recently wrapped up in the US after five seasons, with its fifth season airing on NBC.

Also on from Friday July 29 but at 9:30pm, the acclaimed British series Misfits will air from Season 2, forming a nice double-act.

And these are, of course, in addition to the great titles currently airing on ABC2 including Arrested Development and The Tudors.