FX Renewal and Cancellation Wrap

Source: bluemoviereviews.wordpress.com

The League: Here’s why it hasn’t been picked up Working against it: No big names in the cast, about the NFL, and many player-based jokes will go completely of Australian viewers’ heads. Working for it: Youth appeal, fantasy football leagues are extremely popular in Australia.
Would make a great fit on 7mate.

Louie: Critically acclaimed for it’s unique style and fluid episodic structure- currently filming it’s SECOND SEASON. Yet the first season has aired in the US and will air in Australia on Foxtel in 2011.
It would be a great fit on Ten, with Ten typically choosing portrait pieces such as House, Becker, Lie to Me, Monk, Merlin, Offspring and previously Dexter and Californication.

Lights Out: CANCELLED.

Terriers: Though it has been cancelled after its FIRST SEASON, by all accounts it was a superb show. Would still be worth a run.

Archer: Currently in its SECOND SEASON, this animated spy comedy would slot right in to Eleven’s Animation Fixation programming block of The Simpsons, Futurama, King of the Hill, the Cleveland Show and Bob’s Burgers.

Renewed for a third season.

Justified: Another acclaimed show which has finished its SECOND SEASON. Renewed for a third.
Not as flashy as a Burn Notice so it wouldn’t fit on Ten, so it would be most appreciated on SBS with Mad Men.

Luckily, Australian viewers have been treated to some FX shows such as;

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: In Australia, Seven has aired four seasons and is currently up to its FIFTH SEASON (episode twelve) on 7mate. However, in the US it is up to its SIXTH SEASON with a SEVENTH SEASON in the works.

And Sons of Anarchy: Will air soon on Eleven. This is creating considerable excitement, with it now finished its THIRD SEASON in the US, with its FOURTH SEASON to air in 2011. Eleven will certainly get a good run out of SOA, with there being a whopping 39 unaired episodes in total.
(SEASON 3 to air on Showcase in 2011)

Rescue Me: SEASON 6 to air on W in 2011.


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