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Here’s my wrap-up/review of Community Season 2. What did you think?

May 26, 2011

May 23, 2011
  • Ken Jeong (Chang) hosted the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. See a clip here.
March 18, 2011
March 11, 2011

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TV News Wrap: Thursday May 26

  • Is Cheryl Cole (of the X Factor UK) really going to be dropped from the US version (which is yet to air), just because of her accent? Apparently that’s not the only reason, with disputes with fellow judge Paula Abdul being cited. TMZ has the full developing story. She will also apparently be replaced with Nicole Scherzinger.
  • There are rumours swirling regarding the addition of a new cast member to Modern Family; read this if you want to find out more (possible spoilers).
  • The mutual love and respect between Cougar Town and Community continues, despite them being on opposing networks (ABC and NBC respectively), with the character of Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi) turning up on the finale of Cougar Town, TVLine reveals. This follows various cross-referencing by each of the shows, as well as Dan Byrd and Busy Phillips appearing on the Community Season 2 finale. Abed of course mentions this infamous guest-role in an episode entitled “Critical Film Studies”, but noone- it had to be said- expected the cameo to actually come to fruition. But the most amusing thing is this:
“(Bill) Lawrence tells TVLine that neither series’ network (ABC and NBC) or studio (Disney and Sony) had any idea that the two shows were working in cahoots.”
See the clip HERE

TV News Wrap: Monday May 23

  • In Australian news, after the Brynne Edelsten controversy, now Manu Feildel is being accused of being sexist on Dancing With the Stars due to his comments in regard to his partner “bossing him around” in his kitchen. It doesn’t really warrant much talking about, as even though on the surface they might seem slightly sexist, there is obviously no malice attached to them, especially given Manu’s look of mystification after the comments were made. What made it wore, apparently, was the fact that the audience “booed”- which, But here are the comments anyway:

“The problem was that the staff around me, I usually tell them what to do. Suddenly a woman was telling me what to do in front of everyone.”

But one thing is for sure, Channel Seven will be delighted, bordering on ecstatic, that another headline or three has been generated.

  • Don’t you hate it when two of your TV shows that you have filmed pilots for get picked up by different networks and you’re forced to pull out from one of them? That’s what happened to Nancy Travis, maybe best known for her work as the mother in Three Men and a Baby, but has since gone on to star in a multitude of other projects in TV and film (most recently, a brief stint on Desperate Housewives). Travis has had to pull out of her recurring guest role in the CW’s upcoming show, Hart of Dixie (Rachel Bilson’s TV comeback) to keep her role in ABC’s Last Man Standing (Tim Allen’s TV comeback).
  • So, Ken Jeong hosted the 2011 Billboard Music Awards (“Chang” from Community, Mr Chow from The Hangover). It seemed slightly manic and occasionally funny, but he definitely deserves respect for his piano-playing abilities… less so for his singing, but either way, it marks another step in his meteoric rise. Take a look at the opening number:
  • And for lack of anything else exciting, here’s a promo for the Modern Family Season 2 finale entitled “The One That Got Away”, the 24th episode of the season. We’re likely to see various reviews and critiques of the entire season, given the universal praise it received for its first season. It’s almost agreed upon that the second season didn’t really match the wit and originality of the first, and while there were some very good episodes, some others relied too heavily on tired sitcom tropes. But here’s the promo for the finale and the synopsis;
“Jay wants nothing more than to have a quiet birthday out fishing on the lake, but the family take that as him wanting a big celebration, and in their frantic scramble to put everything together, Claire and Mitchell wind up trapped in the yard of their childhood home; Phil runs into his old college nemesis while at the mall with Gloria and Lily; Cameron gets himself into some hot water at the bakery, and the kids frantically do some creative editing on grandpa’s birthday video, all of which leaves Jay with a headache.”

A Quick Word on Community Season 2


There’s a slightly amusing interview from Zap2it with Gillian Jacobs who plays Britta on Community which got me thinking about Season 2 as a whole, and the (only slight) problems I had with it.

She takes slight offence (albeit somewhat mockingly) to the Britta being referred to as “strident”… she prefers “opinionated”. I would have thought it was a fairly accurate description though. Not that that’s a bad thing though, her character certainly adds a great deal to the show, unlike Chevy Chase’s Pierce.

For anyone who’s seen Season 2, they’d know that it was almost single-handedly ruined by the presence of Pierce. Now, I’m not coming at this from a show fanboy perspective, as in, “I hate Roy being on the show because he’s keeping Jim and Pam from getting together”, to use an old, The Office example. I’m talking about the way that he has become more of an antagonist than ever, creating unnecessary, annoying subplots to episodes which would have been fine as they were. Take the “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” episode, in which a perfectly fine idea of an imaginary game of D&D was played out to boost the self-esteem of fellow student Neil (it makes more sense if you watch it), was ruined by way of Pierce’s sniping. Again, in the “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking” episode, he was manipulative and conniving. Now again, I don’t mind so much the idea of him playing an antagonist of sorts, like he was in the first season (where he was pretty much just a bumbling, politically incorrect old man, who didn’t know any better), but for mine, he has shifted the focus of the show and he seems to constantly derail plot-lines. It has created a problem for both the characters on the show (should the keep in the study group or not?) and the writers (should they make him more docile and forget all this character “development” or play up his role as villain?) which hopefully is resolved in Season 3.

I found it interesting that at the beginning of the season, Chang was pegged at being a potential problem for the show (he no longer was a teacher, so he lost all of his power, and consequentially, any kind of gravitas or importance on-screen). It seemed he would become an annoying, insane presence on the show, who constantly wanted to join the study group. And it was quite admirable how the writers handled it, they introduced the Shirley baby-plot to make him appear more human, and his other appearances were inserted sparingly.


She also states; “I don’t know what’s left”, in terms of weird plot-lines for the show (they’ve done zombies, space, etc.), and that might indeed be a good thing. While the big, flashy episodes may garner a small amount of publicity, it relies too heavily on them and would appear gimmicky to newcomers. A return to Season 1’s more understated “big” episodes would be welcome (“Contemporary American Poultry”, for example).

And a word on the finale; yes it was good, but it could never top “Modern Warfare”, no matter how many big-name guest stars (Josh Holloway, Busy Phillips, Dan Byrd) were shoved into it, no matter how long and overblown it was (a two-parter stretched across two weeks, no less), no matter how many shows it tried to reference (Star Wars, spaghetti Westerns, etc.), no matter how many “surprise” kisses were thrown in (I won’t spoil it), no matter how high the stakes were… It just couldn’t. But I reiterate, it was good, it was great even, but it couldn’t top the first, and it seemed endemic of the writer’s desire to top Season 1 by recreating the “best” parts of Season 1 and multiplying it by a billion. The best part about Season 1 was that it seemed different to everything else on the box at the time (and as it turned out, it was), Season 2 should have seemed different to Season 1, is all.

[And just a word on the Josh Holloway, Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd appearances.  I know the show is supposed to be meta, or meta on top of meta on top of meta, or whatever, but the fact that Abed referenced Lost in “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”, then one of the central stars happens to show up on campus the next year… seems kind of strange. At least, if everyone assumes that he is a Holloway lookalike, there could at least be a sly mention of it. I’m happy to let the Cougar Town stars’ appearances slide, as even though Abed spoke incessantly about it in “Critical Film Studies”, he may not have seen these two celebs who have made their way into the crowd. Nit-picky? Narrh…]

FAQs Answered #2 12/04: Modern Family new eps, S#*! My Dad Says Cancelled?

“farmer wants a wife 2012”

There will be another series of The Farmer Wants a Wife, as evidenced by Nine’s casting call for season 7 here. As to whether it airs in the later half of 2011 or not, there is a strong chance.

“craig annis safm”

Craig Annis is a Melbourne comedian who has recently joined the SAFM breakfast team (on the Austereo Network). This represents a real success for Craig, who has been producing comedy podcasts with his friend Stefan. Have a listen to them here. They weren’t quite as funny as Hamish and Andy, but for a first effort they were really promising, and they at least demonstrated a willingness to work hard for a laugh (eg. there are some written pieces). Their TV show, Slightly Live also aired on the Melbourne community TV station, Channel 31. Here are the highlights off their site. Check them out! [Especially the “Hughesy Ruined my Life” sketch… Craig’s impression is absolutely spot on. He actually sounds more like Dave Hughes than Dave Hughes himself these days.] They also broadcasted on the Barry digital radio station (Austereo Network), which obviously led to Craig being picked up by SAFM. He know joins Rabbit and Hayley on their show… Hayley, Craig & Rabbit, on air 6-9am weekdays.

“why is modern family off air”

There is no need to panic when it comes to not seeing new episodes of your favourite show. Popular shows such Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Recreation have been on a long hiatus, with the exception of some new episodes being sporadically shown. It is just the yearly spring sweeps, a technique used to prolong seasons of different shows, until they finish up (only to reboot in September again- well, at least the lucky ones do). It has been a long wait for a new episode, with the new episode of Community, The Office and Community airing on the 24th of March 2011. Fans of Modern Family have had to wait since the 23rd of March 2011. However, new episodes are coming, and viewers will not have to wait long at all, with the next new ModFam ep coming on the 13th of April, and the NBC comedy line-up returns with new eps the day after on the 14th of April. Thankfully, they will all continue a fairly uninterrupted run until the end of their respective seasons. However, the bad news is that there are not many episodes left in the tank (around 4-7 eps of each left).

New eps of Modern Family would be expected to air in Australia soon after they do in the US.

“is s#*! my dad says being cancelled”

That bloody show with the annoying title is one of the more intriguing cases in the Renew/Cancel files… It’s anyone’s guess at this stage. I think it will be renewed, purely out of respect for William Shatner, however, it is definitely the weakest, comedy and ratings wise, out of the new CBS sitcoms (including Mike & Molly)

Here’s the wrap up and the low down of what everyone else thinks;

TVLine says it’s “A safe bet”

TV By the Numbers gives it a “Likely To Be Canceled” (basically a 2/5 chance), and has calculated that it has a Renew/Cancel Index of 0.96 (lower than Mike & Molly, The Mentalist, etc.)

SpoilerTV gives it a 2.47 on the Renew/Cancel Index (In the “Looking Safe” zone).

TVGuide says it’s “Looking Not So Good”

So that’s pretty much a 50:50 spread. However, two of them mention the word “safe” while only one mentions the word “canceled”…

FAQs Answered #1: Breaking Bad, Em Rusciano, Community, Bondi Rescue

Monday 11th April

Here are some quick answers to some regular search queries on this site

COMMUNITY has been renewed for a THIRD SEASON – It will premiere around September 2011.

LIGHTS OUT has been CANCELLED by FX, however there is a slim chance that it could get picked up by another network. A very slim chance.

Veronica Milsom was one of the original cast members of Hungry Beast, and is currently starring in its THIRD SEASON, screening on ABC1 at 9:30pm on Wednesdays.
She also featured briefly on the ill-fated Ben Elton Life From Planet Earth, where she played the roles of a Nigella Lawson-type chef, Lady Gaga (a role she also played on Hungry Beast)

Bondi Rescue hasn’t been officially renewed for 2012, but it’s fairly safe to say that it will be coming back, given it’s one of the mainstays of Ten’s schedule.

In terms of Season 4 spoilers for Breaking Bad, check out this post. However, it terms of solid facts, we know for sure that Bryan Cranston has said that one minor-ish character will die very on in the season. And we know that Bob Odenkirk and Jonathon Banks have been linked to other projects.

Emelia Rusciano

Rose to fame in the 2nd year of Australian Idol in 2004.
Has gone on to host various radio shows on the Austereo network, including “Em and Wippa”.
She has since quit radio and now works on Kerri-Anne and the 7pm Project, where she is a regular “Metro Whipper” as part of the Metro Whip-Around segment.
She often appears in the presence of scantily-clad men- some have suggested it is not a coincidence.
However, she is quite funny, and deserves a bigger role- I’d like to see her fill-in on the Circle (not a euphemism).

Cancel and Renewal Wrap: 18th March 2011 – The Office, Community and Parks and Rec renewed! (!!!)

And now for the news of the year…

NBC has renewed three of its most critically acclaimed shows, and in order of acclaim, here they are;

Parks and Recreation has been renewed for a THIRD SEASON.

Community has been renewed for a THIRD SEASON.

The Office has been renewed for a whopping EIGHTH SEASON.

However, in terms of which shows were expected to be renewed,  the Office was probably most likely, with Community the least. However, it is great news regardless.

The US version of Being Human has also been granted a SECOND SEASON (it airs on Syfy). This of course follows the news of the renewal of its UK counterpart.

Community edging towards a third season renewal

There have recently been a mini-slew of news tidbits regarding renewal for the much-adored Community.

Most compelling of all, this news of a Western Australian producer who will work “for the next six months” as a development intern on Community.

Sounds to me like some sort of planning ahead.

There is also a charity auction for a walk-on role and “set visit” for “Season 3”, brought to my attention via SpoilerTV.

Of course, there is no official word yet from NBC, however, things are looking very promising indeed.

Shows on US TV: NBC

30 Rock

Renewed for a SIXTH and possibly final season. Especially since Baldwin is almost certain to leave at the end of the sixth season. Can the show continue past a sixth season? Find out more….


UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for a THIRD SEASON.

Some very promising developments have occured over the past week. Take a look.

Parks and Recreation

UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for a FOURTH SEASON.

Winning great acclaim at the moment, but it could easily slip into the “50/50” catergory. But it is among the three best performing comedies on NBC, so a fourth season should be commissioned soon.

The Office

UPDATE 18/03: Renewed for an EIGHTH SEASON.

Even though it has copped a lot of flak lately and over its past two seasons, for being- well- not really that funny, interest is sure to spike around the time of Steve Carrell’s exit- for good reasons and bad ones. It is also obvious that writers are prepping for an eighth season.

However, the real test will be, as we all know- when the show traverses fairly unknown territory without the its main star.

But even if it does take a significant dive quality-wise, it will still remain NBC’s highest rating comedy, so don’t expect cancellation for at least another two seasons.

Harry’s Law

Rating very well- look out for a second season renewal.

Law and Order: SVU

Almost certainly will be renewed for a thirteenth season. Currently in its TWELFTH SEASON.

Minute to Win It


The show lives constantly teetering between cancellation and renewal. Really, it is anyone’s guess as to what NBC will decide. It will likely come down to how many other renewals of current shows NBC hands out.

UPDATE 9/3 rates it as “Could go either way”. They also state that NBC has confirmed this.


Ratings have taken a big tumble from its first season. Fans should be worried about its prospects for a third season. It is also coming second and third in its timeslot. Double uh-oh.

The Marriage Ref

Received middling reviews for its first season, and its SECOND SEASON will have to be pretty special to guarantee it a third. Some might say it has only been commissioned and kept up by NBC because of one thing: Seinfeld. But I wouldn’t, of course.

The Cape

Ratings bad. Show bad. Not good.

The Event

Law and Order: Los Angeles

Perfect Couples

Ratings have been dangerous, certainly.


UPDATE: NOT renewed along with Parks and Recreation, The Office and Community. Its fan should be worried.

[Was “50/50”] Ratings are pretty mediocre, but a renewal wouldn’t be a shock. However, it wouldn’t be cheered by many people.


Effectively cancelled after only 13 episodes.

Friday Night Lights

This acclaimed drama is currently in the midst of its final season.