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Shows on Australian TV: Nine – “This is Your Life” takes a hit -“Farmer” renewed for a seventh



Generating interest mainly because Andrew Denton’s production company Zapruder’s Other Films is putting it together.

Australian Film Institute Awards


In Their Footsteps

Panic At Rock Island

It has already aired in New Zealand, and hasn’t drawn the best of reviews.

The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show



US show on cable network Showtime starring Matt le Blanc. Was recently renewed for a SECOND SEASON.

Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

A mainstay on Channel Nine for many years, with it having found its home on Saturday nights. Now in its 21st season, with its fourth hosted by Shelley Craft.


The Farmer Wants a Wife

Ratings haven’t been spectacular, but it should receive a seventh season, given Nine’s lack of a huge amount of hit shows.

Week 1: 891,000 (2nd in timeslot)

Week 2: 887,000 (2nd in timeslot)

Week 3: 786,000 (2nd in timeslot)

Week 4: 925,000 (2nd in timeslot)

On the 5th of March, it was renewed for a seventh season.

The Footy Show AFL

Maintains quite strong ratings in its city of Melbourne, however, this is largely dependent on whether Sam Newman remains part of the show.

The Footy Show NRL


Millionaire Hot Seat

60 Minutes

Crime Investigation Australia

Hot Property

Royal Prince Alfred

This Is Your Life

The Block

The third season in 2010 was a modest success, but it would need to at least match those ratings to guarantee it a fourth under new host Scott Cam.

Top Gear Australia


Rescue: Special Ops

This is Your Life

Though it debuted well with its latest incarnation helmer by Eddie McGuire, you can’t take too much out of its first performance. Nevertheless, it remains “Looking Good”. However, it is almost certain to drop, as you have to factor in the Jackman-factor- as it’s known in the industry- for Week 1.

Week 1: 1,043,000 (2nd in timeslot) [LOOKING GOOD]

Week 2: 774,000 [50/50]

Not quite in the Danger zone, but it has a one-way ticket there at the moment. It needs a big-name celebrity to jump-start it.

Week 3: 796,000

No sign of future episodes.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday

Average ratings, high cost… sounds like a recipe for disaster. Almost like a similar situation which arose just over 10 years ago.

Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth

Sea Patrol (Final season to come in 2011)


Showtime Renewal and Cancellation Wrap

Note: As Showtime’s premiere dates differ significantly from normal programming, “Renewal” refers to- in some cases- being granted another season, despite having not premiered yet.

It is also difficult to judge returning shows which haven’t yet had their premieres.

But, as always, this page will update as soon as ratings are released.


Renewed for a SIXTH SEASON, to air in late 2011.


Renewed for a SECOND SEASON, to air in 2012.


Renewed for a FIFTH SEASON, to air in early 2012.


The first season didn’t win a great deal of praise, but was still a nice little show for Showtime, so a SECOND SEASON will air in early 2011.


A thirteen episode SEVENTH SEASON will return on Monday June 27th, with an eighth season likely to finish off the series.

Nurse Jackie

A THIRD SEASON will premiere on March 28th, and if it continues to appear to the same critical acclaim, it will almost certainly get a fourth.

United States of Tara

Still going strong into its THIRD SEASON, with a premiere set for March 28th. You wouldn’t think a show with a dream team of Diablo Cody and Steven Spielberg would be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Big C

Was among Showtime’s best performers in 2010, so a third season commission would be an obvious decision if its SECOND SEASON performs equally or even a touch worse than its first season.

The Borgias

An historical fiction drama, based on the Spanish Borgia dynasty, and starring Jeremy Irons.

Renewal Wrap

Hot in Cleveland has been renewed for a THIRD SEASON. Hot in Cleveland airs on TV Land in the US. In Australia, it airs on Nine.

The show is headlined by Betty White, who has arguably surpassed her co-stars and fellow sitcom veterans Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick.

Showings has also renewed its two freshman shows.

Episodes, starring Matt le Blanc has been renewed for a SECOND SEASON.

It seems that le Blanc has shaken off the “Friends” tag… Mostly. He does, after all, play himself in the show… And “Joey” is often brought up.

Also, the US version of “Shameless” has been renewed for a SECOND SEASON.

It has drawn average reviews, with none raving about it. Nevertheless, Showtime has shown commitment and faith in the show and its star, William H Macy.

Ironically, and in a neat synergy between the two Showtime shows, Shameless is a remake of an arguably superior UK show, and Episodes revolves around a couple remaking their UK show for US TV.