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News: Hung Season 3 To Premiere in October

HBO has finally released a trailer for Season 3 of Hung, starring Thomas Jane. Check it out above. It is typically raunchy and suggestive, but features no new footage. And “ready for more”? Could HBO be any more vague? Anyway, it’s something, and at least there’s some information about when it will premiere; sometime in October, according to HBO in this recent tweet.

Hopefully, Australian viewers will be able to see this series fast-tracked on to Seven’s digital channel 7mate- I feel saying it would be a perfect fit would be too lowbrow.


TV News Wrap: Sunday May 22

  • Fans of the recvently cancelled Fox TV show “Breaking In”, starring Christian Slater, might be able to hold on to some form of hope, after The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the show “…Might Get Renewed” if you watch the finale on Tuesday night in the US, which stars Mike Tyson and Voltron. This is because Fox has floated the possibilty of renewal if it gets good ratings on Friday.
  • They have also thrown up a very likely reason as to why it was cancelled in the first place (even though it attracted ratings of around 7 million): “… (Fox) may find Breaking In too niche (read: too geeky) and not strong enough with female audiences.”
  • TVLine reports that another British actor has scored a major role on big-budget Fox show Terra Nova, it’s Rod Hallett from The Tudors (he played Sir Richard Rich in the show).
  • In other casting news, Ana Ortiz, best known from her role as Ugly Betty’s sister in the ABC show, is heading to Detroit to star alongside Thomas Jane in the HBO show Hung. In keeping with the show’s theme, she will be playing a woman who needs anger management and a prostitute… so no guesses as to what sort of things she will be getting up to in the show’s third season. Ah well, you gotta what you gotta do to get by in the acting biz, don’t you? Here she is/was in Ugly Betty as Hilda (on the left).

Those people eagerly anticipating Season 4 of Breaking Bad will be waiting for any scrap of information/footage relating to the new season (as to which there has been very little information released). I think this classifies as a “scrap”, but it’s something nonetheless.Here’s  a video of star Bryan Cranston emploring fans to send in a video of how much they love Breaking Bad. But if you look at 0:33 onwards, there is a snippet of Season 4 footage, showing Cranston’s character Walter White, still sporting his beard/moustache combo and throwing a burning pack of empty matches (possibly?) to the ground with Saul Goodman’s face and slogan on it. Make of it what you will.

  • In Australian news, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that hit NBC show The Voice has been picked up by Channel Nine (both the US version and the rights to an Australian one). You have to wonder if Australia is ready for another reality/talent competition, let alone another singing contest, but with this show’s emphasis on well, the “voices” rather than their look, etc. it isn’t exactly the worst pick-up news. But once again, it will come down to the choice of host, and in particular, the judges/mentors/coaches.
  • TV Guide reports on the fact that Oprah’s favourite guest of all time is Dr. Tererai Trent, a woman from Zimbabwe who endeavours to give the gift of education to children. I’d imagine John Travolta would be fuming.

HBO Renewal and Cancellation Wrap



Angry Boys

Hands down the most anticipated Australian comedy of recent times, given Chris Lilley’s impeccable record of We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High. It remains to be seen if it will be received as well in the US as Summer Heights High was. However, given its inclusion of an American character, it will certainly improve its prospects.

Game of Thrones

Boardwalk Empire

A SECOND season will hit US screens later in 2011.


Somewhat of a surprise renewal. A THIRD season of 10 eps will be coming later in 2011 (around June, possibly).

Bored to Death

A THIRD season coming later in 2011.

How to Make it in America

SECOND season to come in 2011.


Its SECOND season starts April 24, 2011.

True Blood

A FOURTH season to come on July 12, 2011.

The Ricky Gervais Show

Funny or Die Presents

Big Love


Flight of the Conchords (Ended)

In Treatment

The Life & Times of Tim

Little Britain USA