TV Site Index (Reviews, News and more)

These sites are your best bet for finding TV news and reviews;

Australian Tumbleweeds

Change the Channel


TV Guru

White Noise


Mercado TV

Media Week

The Spy Report

TV Tonight

Talk Show Guest Listings


TV Club (The A.V. Club)

Daemon’s TV



What’s Alan Watching

Hollywood Reporter

Inside TV (

Television Without Pity

The Futon Critic

The Live Feed (Hollywood Reporter)

The TV Addict

Tuned In (TIME)

TV By the Numbers

TV Guide

TV Line

TV Squad


TV Overmind


The Age TV & Radio

Herald Sun Television & Radio

TV Insider

The Australian Media

Television Podcasts & Shows

Televised Revolution


Mediaweek Podcast

The Playlist

The forums

Media Spy Forums

Great Show Blogs (Note: May contain spoilers)

Pregnant Cornbread (30 Rock)

Office Tally (The Office)

Idol Worship (American Idol)

Australian Shows

Everything Hamish and Andy

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